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Rates and Services - Zippers Driving School & Connies Driving School

Rates and Services

Zipper's Driving School & Connies Driving School

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  • GST: Charges are inclusive of GST where applicable.

  • Refund policy: If lessons which have been paid for in advance are not provided, a refund will be given. However, late cancellation may invoke a penalty.

  • Lesson Duration: Occasionally lessons are extended beyond the agreed duration if time allows, and in these cases there is no additional charge. When lesson duration is agreed to in advance, the appropriate rate will be charged (see below).

  • Remote areas: We regret we cannot conduct regular lessons from beyond Palmerston. A surcharge applies for students being picked up and/or dropped off at remote locations.

  • Car hire for driving test:
    We reserve the right to withhold the use of our training cars for your driving test if we think that you are not ready.
    If you are not a "known" student (e.g. you have not had lessons with us previously) we cannot be sure that you will not present a danger to yourself and other road users (and our car!) during your test.
    For this reason we DON'T agree to just "hire a car for a test".
    We normally only hire training cars for tests if the student has done lessons with us beforehand, and we are sure that he/she student has a reasonable chance of passing the test, or if John or Connie is conducting the test.

  • Cancellation of lessons without reasonable notice may invoke a penalty.
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1 hour lesson: $75.00
We are based in Darwin - if you need to be picked up or dropped off at Coolalinga or Virginia, the charge is $80.00.

Training in manual or automatic cars to upgrade from L-Plate NT Learners Licence, to P-Plate NT Provisional Licence

You have the choice of hiring our car for the test, or you can provide your own.

(If you provide your own car you will need a fully-licensed driver to accompany you. Cars used on the test must be roadworthy, reasonably clean inside and have a suitable seat with seatbelt for the Examiner).
NOTE: please read the Terms and Conditions above, about restrictions on using our car for your driving test.

The test can also be done by registered driving instructors- see MVR's website for details.


1 hour lesson: 1 DriveSafe NT "e-Voucher" + $35.00
1 hour non-voucher lesson: $75.00
Car-hire for driving test: $70.00

Extra lessons: after the 10 DriveSafe NT e-vouchers are exhausted, or if the student wishes more than the allocated* voucher-subsidised lessons in a 7-day period, these are charged at the General Training rate (see above).
*You can only use 1 DriveSafe NT e-voucher in a 7-day period.

See the DriveSafe NT website.


1 hour lesson: $75.00

If you have an "A endorsed" (automatic only) NT Provisional licence and want to be re-tested* for manual, or if you wish to extend your driving skills to include manual cars, we can provide the training you need, tailored to your requirement.

*Note: re-testing for a manual NT Provisional licence is done at a Motor Vehicle Registry office. You have the choice of hiring our car for the test or providing your own (see the General Training section for more information).


1 hour lesson: $75.00

If you have transferred to an NT licence and are required to do a driving test at an MVR to have an "X condition" removed from the licence, we can provide the training you need in automatic or manual cars.

Under certain circumstances you may use your own car for lessons but if there is any doubt about your driving skills, lessons will be provided in our dual control-equipped cars. The first lesson is usually done in our car while we assess your driving skills.

You can hire our car for your test or you can provide your own - (see the General Training section for more information).

Note: If your licence has a condition requiring an accompanying licensed driver (refer to the back of your licence) then you must have a FULLY LICENSED DRIVER seated NEXT to you every time you drive.


1 hour lesson, assessment (with Occupational Therapist) or car-hire for test: $90.00

Connie from Connies Driving School is qualified and very experienced in this field.

The car (Khia Rhio) is equipped especially for this type of training - e.g. hand controls, electronic spinner knob, left-hand accelerator pedal - and a manual car (plain spinner knob only) is also available if required.

Training or assessing is done in conjunction with an Occupational Therapist or training on an ad hoc basis.

Connie also provides "special needs" training for DriveSafe NT and private students.

Please contact Connie for availibility & more information.


(Rates on application)

John has had extensive experience in classroom education - he has provided theory classes in heavy vehicle training for Registered Training Organisations and for the old DTAL program, and the new DriveSafe NT program throughout the Territory.

Currently John provides theory classes for the DriveSafe NT program and the Multicultural Council's "Passport To Drive" project. He is available to provide classroom education on road rules, driver attitudes and related subjects.

John has designed most of the OHP transparencies, PowerPoint® presentations and A4 laminated training aids approved for use with the DriveSafe NT and DTAL Programs, and provides his own data projector.


1 hour session: $75.00

Are you having problems understanding the Give Way rules? Perhaps you failed the written test for your NT Learners licence and need study guidance.

John can provide his knowledge & expertise gained from years of experience providing classroom education throughout the Territory. He has a wide range of training material to assist.
Sessions are usually of 1 hour duration and held in your own home (no savage dogs on the loose please!) or in a suitable quiet location. The number of sessions depends on your needs, as a rough guide 1 to 6 may be required.

You can have an oral instead of written test, but this must be arranged & booked with the MVR.

Note: you will need the NT Road Users Handbook available at MVR offices, or download a PDF version from MVR's website (see the F.A.Q.s Page for links).


(Rates on application)

Novice instructors can benefit from more "in-car" instructional techniques tuition, to either cover material not adequately presented during their certificate course or to add to and consolidate their gamut of instructional skills.

Connie and John have over 40 year's experience in the driver training industry between them, they can fill in gaps and give you that extra edge.

Please contact us for more information.


Gift Vouchers are available for most of the driver traing services listed above.

Please contact us for more information on rates and availability.


Driving test: $90.00
Car hire for driving test: $70.00

John is registerd to conduct driving tests for the NT class "C" (car) Provisional Licence.

The list of instructors who can conduct driving tests lists John as testing in his vehicles only - however you can supply your on car if it is suitable (see "Using your own car" below).
Download "your test options" for detailed information.

Note: Instructors cannot test anyone that they've given lessons to! (strict MVR ruling).
Unfortunately this means that we cannot give "a lesson then a test" - we can give you lessons or test you, but not both.

Please contact us for more information on rates and availability.

Using your own car
You may use your own car for the driving test providing ...
... it is a class "C" vehicle (not a truck, bus, or "special use" vehicle), and it is clean inside, registered and roadworthy.
... the windows are reasonably clean.
... the front seats have working seatbelts.
... the handbrake works and can be rached by the examiner.
... the brake lights and indicator lights are working.

All tests must be recorded on a camera which is provided by the examiner, the camera unit which records front & rear views, audio and GPS data, is attached by suction cup to the inside of the windscreen.
The camera control case is usually placed on the rear left-side passenger seat, if possible please remove baby seats so the case can be placed there.

If the car is registered interstate, you must provide proof of current registration e.g. a registration certificate.

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