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Downloads for Driving Instructors & students

Downloads for instructors & students

Zipper's Driving School & Connies Driving School

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These are A4-sized documents I have developed for use during my in-car training, published in PDF format.
On the remote chance that some of them might be useful to other instructors I have put them up on my site for downloading. Some of them are useful for students as well.

If you need any changes to the layout, text or graphics please contact me to discuss your needs and I can make the changes for you.
It's OK to insert your own business logo in lieu of mine, as long as the original copyright notice is retained.
(I would like my copyright notice retained as a form of recognition. Otherwise anyone is free to use these files in full or edited form. I'm happy to assist anyone in any changes they require).


Server space (and my spare time) doesn't allow me to put up all my aids for direct download .
I'm working on providing links for these to be viewed as thumbnails and ordered (free) via email.
I hand these out on lesson No.1 for the student to refer to (usually between lessons).
There are notes on manual gear boxes & hydraulic torque-converter auto transmissions; a page showing some of the most commonly used symbols used to label switches controls & warning lights; and notes on how to use the aircon & heater to demist interior glass, the emphasis being on tropical conditions.

Typical automatic transmissions.
(901 kB)

Manual 5 & 6 speed transmissions.
(985 kB)

Commonly used symbols, demisting.
(288 kB)
The NT's new driving test requires you to reverse park behind a real car (parking poles are no longer used for the reverse park manoeuvre).
The reverse parallel park MUST be passed in order to pass the test!.
This document explains what you are required to do, and the rules & restrictions imposed on you.
We recommend at least ONE professional lesson before your test!
(569 kB)
Give Way question diagrams and answers, for those who are shaky on their Give Way Rules.
Includes info on distances (parking, headlight dipping, following) and "No Parking .v. No Stopping" rules (for those sitting the learner's theory test at an MVR).
(512 kB)
Mitsubishi Lancer 2005 automatic - dashboard diagrams (instrument panel, warning lights, startup sequence, gear selector pattern).

Lancer dashboard.
(628 kB)

Lancer startup sequence.
(936 kB)

Lancer auto gearbox pattern.
(537 kB)
Ford Focus 2005 manual - dashboard diagrams (instrument panel, warning lights, startup sequence, gear selector pattern).

Focus dashboard.
(387 kB)

Focus startup sequence.
(617 kB)
Suzuki Swift S manual - dashboard diagrams (instrument panel, warning lights, startup sequence).

Swift dashboard (fog lights).
(220 kB)

Swift dashboard (no fog lights).
(503 kB)

Swift startup sequence.
(503 kB)
Toyota Corolla Seca 2000 manual - dashboard diagrams (instrument panel, warning lights, startup sequence).

Corolla dashboard.
(220 kB)

Corolla startup sequence.
(503 kB)
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