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This is the CONNIES DRIVING SCHOOL page (part of the Zipper's Driving School website - the two schools work in association with each other).

Connies Driving School (CDS) is owned and operated by Constance Cohalan.

Connie, husband Ken Cohalan OAM (Member of the Order of Australia) and son Peter moved from Queensland to Darwin NT in 1994. Connie and Peter quickly established the same reputation for excellence that they earned in Queensland.

Peter has since left the driver training industry but Connie continues to provide specialised training in the fields of rehabilitation and disabled driver training, and for special needs students.

Connie has been instructing in many facets in the driver training industry for 34 years. Her experience, teaching skills and exceptional patience means that she does not need to advertise in the normal manner - you won't find CDS in the Yellow Pages®.

Connie teamed up with other instructors who share the same ideals of striving for quality & value. John Ziersch (also known as "Zipper") has been operating for 20 years. He owns Arafura Driving Academy (trading as Zipper's Driving School) and trains to the same high standards as Connie.

Connie's Nissan Tiida automatic is equipped with special controls for disabled drivers - e.g. "push-pat" hand-accelerator/brake controls, electronic steering wheel spinner knob, left-foot accelerator pedal - as well as the usual brake & accelerator dual-pedals on the instructor's side.

Connie is also an agent for supply of dual controls and disable driving aids.

See the Rates and Services page for more details on services provided.

CDS can supply effective wide-angle mirrors which attach to the wing mirrors as shown - very useful for those who have difficulty turning their head while driving.

These are superior to the common round "stick-on" type. They are larger, adjustable, and do not intrude on the existing wing mirror space.

Contact Connies Driving School directly for more information.

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