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  The Connies Driving School Group  

"The Connies Driving School Group" is an informal name for a group of independent instructors in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, who advertise under "Connies Driving School".

The group started in 1998 with Connie and her son Peter (who has since ceased driver training).
John (Zipper) Ziersch joined the group in 2002; as well as driver training he assists Connie with rehabilitation training and provides DTAL Theory 1 & Theory 2 classes at two schools.
Oliver Jackson joined the group in late 2007 but is now driver training in Tasmania.

The group came together through common ideals (integrity and value, striving for excellence) and share the same goals (producing safe efficient drivers to the best of their ability), and have a similar instructing style with the emphasis on defensive driving.

The instructors are fully independent (see below), but are grouped together under the Connies Driving School banner for advertising and "first contact" purposes.

Note for new clients: unless you want to contact a particular instructor it is best to contact Connie first, especially so if you require disabled driver training/assessing or special-needs training.

There are advantages in forming a group of like-minded colleagues instead of actually working for a driving school and being "under the thumb" so to speak (we've already been down that road).
Instructors in the group retain independence and freedom without losing the advantage of sharing wisdom, techniques and experiences with colleagues.
They also support each other e.g. loan a car (if available) when an instructor has unexpected problems with their own car.
The benefits of this arrangement flow on to their students.
John Ziersch
owner / operator
Zipper's Driving School.
John has a Suzuki Swift (manual) and a Mitsubishi Lancer (automatic).

The Zipper's Driving School trading name is used when John provides classroom training for DTAL Theory 1 and Theory 2 (currently at Darwin High school and Taminmin College, Humpty Doo), and private tuition for the NT Learner's road rules test.
Connie Cohalan
owner / operator
Connies Driving School.
Connie has a Nissan Tiida (automatic) equipped with disabled driver controls.

Connie specialises in disabled and rehabilitation driver training & assessing, and learners with special needs.
Disabled and rehabilitation driver training/assessing is usually done in conjunction with a qualified Occupational Therapist.

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